Become Certified in Classic Lash Extensions

Are you an esthetician or makeup artist looking to expand your skills?
Do you love small detailed tasks and have great attention to detail?
Do you have great eyesight and don’t have any issues sitting for longer periods of time?
Lash extensions aren’t for everyone, but if you fall in love with them, then you will become just as obsessed as your clients are with this service!

What are Lash Extensions?

Lash extensions are single synthetic or natural hairs that are applied one by one to the natural eyelash. Here at Margo Beauty we use synthetic lashes that are animal cruelty free.

How does this Course Work?

This course is broken down into three sections:

Section 1:
After registration is complete, you will receive the lash manual and workbook questions to be completed prior to in class training. This way the theory section can be processed more and we can go over in depth some areas you need more clarification on.

Section 2:
In class training is two days. The first day is focused on theory, lash styling, health and safety of the eyes, demos and mannequin applications. The second day we will practice on two models. You will learn two main lash mapping techniques that act as a blueprint for all your future sets. You can customize different lash maps for each client depending on their eye shapes.

Section 3:
The final stage for certification is doing three more models on your own time. You then send in pictures to receive certification. If for some reason we feel you need to do more models, that could become a requirement for certification. We want to ensure the highest quality work.

Course Outline

Learning Objectives

  • Students will be able to understand what eyelash extensions are and general information about eyelashes.
  • Students will be able to understand and demonstrate lash extensions do’s and don’ts.
  • What are the differences between thickness, length and curve of an extension.
  • Students will understand how to choose the right extension for each client and eye shape.
  • What will the cost be and how to determine what to charge?
  • Demonstrate infection control during the service and understand the health and safety of the eye.
  • What to do if a client has an allergic reaction to the products or procedure.
  • What are the different eye diseases and how to recognize them?
  • Understand the importance of using consultation and evaluation forms.
  • Demonstrate the procedure of applying a Mascara and Dramatic Look application.
  • Understand and demonstrate how to remove a set of extensions.

With Your Training Course Guide You’ll get an Eyelash Extension Kit Valued at $700

Practical Application

Consultation Information: Students will analyze eye shapes of each other and decide what extensions to apply.

Mannequin practice: Students will practice separation of the eyelashes, application of eyelash extensions on a false set. Students will be able to make mistakes and feel comfortable  before working on a real model.

Infection Control: Students will receive step by step procedure on how to disinfect tools after a service and understand the importance of keeping a sanitary station during the application.

Mascara Look Application: We practice this natural look on your first model. Learn how to apply very natural extensions for clients who do not wear makeup and are nervous of trying extensions. 

Dramatic Look Application: Learn how to create a more dramatic look for clients who love drama! Bold and exciting.

Evaluations:  Students are evaluated on each model completed and discussed with the instructor with tips for improvement. 

Removal set:  Step by step application is demonstrated to ensure a safe removal of extensions whether it is a full set or one extension.

Kit Contents

Lash Manual
Consultation forms
Evaluation forms
Aftercare forms
Mannequin with practice Strips
Nano Mister
Foaming Lash Cleanser
Face Masks (100)
Eye Wash Solution

Lash Adhesive 10ml
Lash Remover
Lash Palette
Straight tweezer
Curved tweezer
Angled tweezer
Lash mirror
Plastic/Paper tape
Eye patches (100)
Mascara wands (100)

Lash Trays:
0.15mm, 8mm, C
0.15mm, 10mm, C
0.15mm, 12mm, C
0.15mm, 12mm, D
0.15mm, 14mm, C
Mixed tray, 0.10mm, C
Mixed tray, 0.18mm, C
Mixed tray, 0.15mm, D
Kit Case
Microswab (100)

What’s Included in the training?

Not only will you receive your classic lash extension training, I have some extra gifts for you!

Kit Contents: I have curated the perfect kit for you to start your business, created by the lash tech, for the lash tech. It is huge and will allow for 100 applications before you need to purchase extra supplies! It’s worth $700.

Mentorship: after you finish your initial training, you are not left alone to figure things out. You will have me as your mentor while you are building confidence and perfecting your technique. We can stay connected via email or my private FB Lash Club!

Margo Beauty Lash Club: I have created a private facebook lash community to join together and stay connected! I will be jumping on Live once a month for Q & A. It’s a nice positive place for us all to connect and grow our skills together. 

Lash swag: everyone loves some lash products!

6 month check-in:  Some things you can only learn practically with clients. There are so many different eye shapes and skin types. After you’ve been practicing for 6 months or longer, we will check in to see how you are doing. This can be done virtually or live in person if you live in the area. Topics to go over will be customized to you to strengthen your skills as a lash tech. 


What is the investment?

  • Total cost for the course and certification is $1900
  • You have enough product to do 100 clients before you will need to purchase additional supplies as you grow generating a min revenue of $5700.
  • Investing in high quality products and education will ensure the success of your business
  • This course is registered with the Cosmetology Association of Nova Scotia for upgrade credits.