Strip Lash & Glue

I love lash extensions but they don’t work so well with my oily skin. (Causing them to fall off quick). So I use strips instead. Below is a list of the different types I use in my kit:

Ardell multipack DemiWispies Classic look and easy to use. $16CAD
Ardell natural multipack #110 Love this natural lash, great for someone who doesn’t wear a lot of makeup but want to enhance your eyes. $18CAD
Ardell faux mink #811. Love this cat eye look, great to enhance your look for an event without looking too crazy. $25CAD

Ardell Duralash knot free-Short black. I love using these for clients who have really short natural lashes and who don’t like the feeling of the band on their eyelid. Great for small eyes as well. $13CAD

Eyelash Glue: I love the brand DUO, works great and is long lasting. I use clear in my kit but sometimes I use dark/black tone on myself. It’s easier to use clear if you are new at applying lashes, if you happen to mess up, the glue will dry clear so you don’t have to redo your eyeshadow.
Duo brush on strip lash glue, clear drying with vitamins A, C and E. $8CAD
Duo brush on strip lash glue, dark tone with vitamins A, C and E. $8CAD